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Indo MF

IndoMF.Com is a mass market mutual funds investment platform.
Mutual funds were set-up to provide an opportunity to investors to invest in financial assets, which they could not do otherwise on their own. However, they lack a proper platform to initiate their journey. In the spirit of financial inclusion, the platform aims to be such a vehicle that will not only help them get started but also support them along the way to reach their financial goals.

IndoMF.com is a paperless experience for the investors. The platform simplifies the process by categorizing funds as per broad investment objectives, and further curating schemes to provide a shortlist. The aim is to take away the complexity while ensuring objective investment process. After initial account creation, investors can compare and choose funds and transact in few simple steps. Post transaction, the platform helps in tracking the portfolio performance with timely alerts and notifications.

Our Vision

We work on Warren Buffet's dream of having an investment portfolio for every individual, by providing a world class investment platform.

The IndoMF Advantage-

1. Secure

We know you have worked hard for the money you are investing. This is why the IndoMF platform is built using the best encryption protocols in the world. We use the BSE Star platform to help you invest in mutual funds and your money is routed directly to the funds companies. Your data stays protected on IndoMF and your money is also in safe hands. We have
-Bank Grade Security
-BSE Payment Gateway
-Data Secure with CDSL

2. Ease of use

Those days are in the past where investing in mutual funds involved a lot of paper work. The platform provides entirely paperless and online process. We help you with Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance as well, if required. Investing on Indomf is as easy as booking movie tickets and takes very little time. Its-
-100% online
-Zero paperwork
-Access anywhere anytime

Our Fund Partners-

To give investors the whole univere of mutual funds, we have partnered with all the ASSET MANAGEMENT COMPANIES in India.

Platform Partners-

100% secured payment gateway.
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